who wears the pants in the relationship? well preferably no one will be wearing pants

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Sleeping naked in bed is the best feeling ever.

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Pretty much



hannah in the streets but miley in the sheets

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eyebrow gaps are better than thigh gaps reblog if u agree

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see this beautiful girl right here? well today she wrote on facebook that she’s killing herself because she just isn’t enjoying her life, the tears started falling and i told my mum, we went to her house and when i was looking for her my heart was beating so fast that you could’ve probably heard it, i was so scared i didn’t want to find her and she was gone. My mum walked in the back and found her crying on the floor, i ran and grabbed her i hugged her while she cried into my shoulder, i saw the rope hanging, red marks on her neck, cuts on her arms and scissors. She thinks she’s not beautiful and not worthy enough, but everyone’s beautiful in there own way, her and her boyfriend just broke up and he meant so much to her i remember she told me that if they broke up she was going to kill herself and that day was today, it was the worst moment of my life seeing someone so beautiful about to end there life over a boy, but she has had a shady past and is going through a rough patch but doesn’t mean that this is the end. i saved someone’s life today that started to mean so much to me. 
please reblog so she can see that everyone thinks she’s beauiful!!! 
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